Kindness is born from internal joy and strength of mind
"Liberty" means freedom with order. It is different from freedom in which everything is unrestricted.
Liberty is attained by challenging things, sometimes even fighting for them.
"Art" is the pursuit of beauty. However, it also has another meaning.
Art also means learning with curiosity, enhancing your skills and making use of them.
Our founder embraced this interpretation of Liberty and Arts when he ventured into women's education in 1928, and it remains unchanged today.
The skills students gain through learning with curiosity and various other activities become "genuine strengths."
We believe acquiring these skills one by one fosters true confidence and gives birth to true kindness.
By upholding our spirit of foundation, Liberty and Arts, we aspire to nurture women with emotional intelligence and fertile minds.

Our school is full of fun

Coming to school should never be "painful."
Everyone should look forward to school. "Yeah! We have school tomorrow!" This is what school should be like.
Tokiwagi Gakuen has a very low rate of quitting school,(national average 1.5%, prefectural average 1.8%, our school 0.47%. Survey by MEXT in 2015)
and more than 30 percent of our students come to school every day, without being late or going home early. Surely this is evidence that our school is full of fun.

Lessons are interesting


We focus on establishing fundamental academic abilities, building on them, and nurturing critical thinking skills,
all of which stem from the enthusiasm of our teachers.
Our classes foster a solid sense of "I can do it" and "I understand." We believe this is important.
The fact that almost all of our students improve their standard deviation scores significantly after entering our school and achieve rewarding careers shows how interesting and understandable our lessons are.
We do not use time allocated for club activities for studying, and we do not recruit honor students to boost university enrollment outcome.
We believe in the possibilities of each student, and instruct them conscientiously. This produces steady results.

History of Tokiwagi Gakuen

The school was founded by Yoshihiro and Mitsu Matsura at Motoyanagi-cho in Sendai City in 1928 as Tokiwagi Gakuen Girls' High School and a graduate program was affiliated.
They founded the school aiming at nurturing people who can be depended upon the next generation by settling all their assets such as Matsura Bank and other companies.
They incorporated a whole new education system to enhance individuality by putting emphasis especially on art education, which was lacking in Japan at that time.
It was a very unique school which created a free-time system in which the students can choose freely from more than 30 courses.

rekishi1Founder and the first principal, Mr. Yoshihiro Matsura rekishi2The second principal Ms. Mitsu Matsura


A.D. Imprerial era History
1928 Showa 3 Foundation of Tokiwagi Gakuen Girls' High School and a graduate program in Motoyanagi-Cho.


Tokiwagi Gakuen at the time of establishment. In Wright style architecture.

1934 Showa 9 Second Section of graduate program (Tailor-make department) enlarged.
1936 Showa 11 Constitution of a finishing school.
1945 Showa 20 The school building was destroyed by the fire caused by the WWII. For two years and a few months after this, inconvenient school life continued as to use rooms at Shokei Women's school, Katahira elementary school and Higashirokubancho elementary school.
1947 Showa 22 Reconstruction of the school building at the present place. The school land that was distributed was a farmland and cannot even be compared to the former place of riverside of Hirose. However, the students strove for studying in a great joy.
1948 Showa 23 With educational reform, renamed as Tokiwagi Gakuen Junior and High School.
1957 Showa 32 Completion of the Circular School Building.


1961 Showa36 Establishment of the Music Course in high school.
1963 Showa 38 Completion of the old swimming pool.
1974 Showa 49 Completion of the main building of the new school building.


1978 Showa 53 Miyagi-oki earthquake(considerable damage)
1986 Showa 61 Completion of the Matsura Memorial Hall, a new swimming pool relocated.
suspension of junior high school.
1991 Heisei 3 Sister-school agreement with Hornby High School in New Zealand.
1997 Heisei 9 Establishment of the International Course
2003 Heisei 15 Completion of the Strauss Hall in June
2004 Heisei 16 Completion of the East Building in June.
Start of the recruitment of the International Course from 1st year.
2005 Heisei 17 Start of accepting male students in the Music Course.
Abolition of the junior high school
2010 Heisei 22 Establishment of the Super Bi-ability Course(SBC)
2016 Heisei 28 Start of the recruitment of the Business Course from 1st year.